Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The latest issue of the Dan Dare and science fiction magazine Spaceship Away is out. Issue 23 is the first under new editor Des Shaw, and features an article by me. It covers my lifelong admiration of Ian Kennedy's work, my interviewing him and my commissioning him to do a Dan Dare painting.

The artwork is printed in the magazine too. As a taster, here are the pencils.

More details on Spaceship Away can be found here.

While we're on Ian Kennedy, do look out for his gatefold cover for Commando #4376 - a science fiction story! It's almost like having a new issue of much-missed Starblazer come out.


  1. lowson1:35 AM

    David, Love the Fr(i)ed Egg logo and share your admiration for Dan Dare and his doughty crew. I've sent for the first three issues of 'Spaceship Away' (shouldn't that be 'Rocketship Away?) and will likely be purchasing more. Allan

  2. Thanks Allan. I hope you enjoy Spaceship Away. It's an enjoyable magazine for Dan Dare enthusiasts.