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Friday, August 14, 2015

DIRTY ROTTEN COMICS #5: Available now!

Further to yesterday's post regarding a review at comics website Broken Frontier, I am pleased to say that the postie today brought me my contributor copy of Dirty Rotten Comics #5.

It's a fine book. Loads of variety and great comics.

The story I have in there is "Tiddlywinks", which was itself the subject of a short series of work in progress blog posts here.

The book is now available at the Dirty Rotten Comics website!

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Andy Oliver has written on the new anthology Dirty Rotten Comics 5, which I have done a story for. The comic also features;

Amy Smith; Andy Barron (Website, Twitter); Anna Dowsland (Website, Twitter); Barney Farmer (Twitter) & Lee Healey (Website, Twitter); David Meadows & Andrew Potts (Website, Twitter); David Thomas & Rosa Devine (Website); David Ziggy Greene (Website, Twitter); Des Buckley (Website); Gary Clap (Website, Twitter); Ioan Morris (Website, Twitter); James Gifford (Website, Twitter); James Wragg (Website, Twitter); Jess Milton (Website, Twitter); Jessie Huckin; Jey Levang (Website, Twitter); Joe Callanan (Website, Twitter); John Dredge (Website, Twitter) & Joseph Champniss; Kevin Loftus (Website, Twitter); Kirk Campbell (Twitter); Matthew Dooley (Website, Twitter); Olivia Sullivan (Website, Twitter); Rozi Hathaway (Website, Twitter); Sarah Crosby (Website, Twitter); Scott Wrigg (Website, Twitter); Teal Barnes (Website, Twitter); Todd Oliver (Website, Twitter) and Tom Mortimer (Twitter).

Have a look at the review here.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Gary Smith has written on an anthology I'm in - Treehouse #6 - over at The Big Glasgow Comic Page.

Have a look here.