Monday, January 29, 2018


I have a story in the new issue of Copy This! - #47.

This is the latest "All Art!" issue, featuring the following:

Carl Alessi, Verl Holt Bond, Tom Brinkmann, Charles Brubaker, Brian Buniak, Buzz Buzzizyk, Bruce Chrislip, Kel Crum, Gary Fields, Brad W. Foster, R.C. Harvey, R. Hendricks, Doug Holverson, Mike Kraiger, Brian Leonard, Dale Martin, Nate McDonough, Bill McKay, David Miller, Tom Motley, Marc Myers, Andy Nukes, Aaron Poliwoda, Artie Romero, Jim Siergey, Larry Tisch, Bob Vojtko, Bob-X, and Adam Yeater.

The cover above is by Gary Fields.

My comic is called Out to Lunch! and stars Fred Egg himself...

Copy This! is available from D.Blake Werts for $3. Contact him at for details.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018


My eleventh Tay Bridge disaster strip is now online over at the Dundee Comics Creative Space website.

Have a look here.

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