Monday, April 09, 2012


I had a visit to the Science Museum in London last week.

Very interesting place to see, but then what a bonus: a Frank Hampson wall!

Four original pages of Dan Dare. They were all fantastic.

And then later on, more: an Enki Bilal wall.

Eight pages from La Femme Piege.

In the space exploration area, they have a display based on Amazing Stories magazine.

They currently have an exhibition with artwork by Suzanne Treister called Hexen 2.0. I can see it making a good underground comic.

The shop had a couple of nice comic books; Robot City by Paul Collicutt and Robot by Andrzej Klimowski and Danusia Schejbal.

There was even a display on a book called The 1950s Kitchen by Kathryn Perry that was open at a page with this four panel strip. Always interesting to see comics used in advertising.

So go along to check all this stuff out. Even without the comic bonuses, it’s a great museum. Just look at the layout of Making the Modern World hall. Really impressive.

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