Saturday, March 23, 2013


Here are some scans of Thriller Picture Library 113 from 1956. The cover and inner splash page: Rob Roy Forever!
In this first page I've scanned we see Red Fergus McLaggan treating Ewan McGregor very badly indeed…
In the second, Rob puts a stop to this by spanking McLaggan…
Yep, Rob is a cocky character in this comic, but he’d best be careful, there’s trouble ahead for him…

Is it really the end for Rob Roy? You’ll have to read to find out! Nice comic series, with well illustrated stories. Published by Amalgamated Press. No credits given, so I don’t know who did what. There is a book going around that is an index to all this. I haven’t read that though.


  1. I have The Thriller Libraries reference book. Thriller Picture Library 113 was published on 5 January 1956, cover by Sep Scott, interior art by Fred Holmes and written by Trigan Empire's Michael Butterworth.

  2. Other Scottish themed TPL issues are
    58 The Scottish Chiefs
    86 The Adventures Of Rob Roy
    125 Rob Roy and the Highland Feud
    165 Rob Roy and the Castle of Doom
    176 Rob Roy (three separate stories)
    184 Scotland The Brave (Rob Roy)
    The Thriller Libraries book is well worth the cover price with colour covers for each of the thousands of comics that it references.

  3. Thanks for the info, Jeremy.