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I have a 4 page story called "Room Tour" in Treehouse Comic 3.

Cover by Norrie Millar.

The third issue was launched at Tin Roof art studios in Dundee yesterday. STV ran an interview with Stuart McAdam on it here.

"Head to the third Treehouse launch for a very special event

They say good things come in threes and that's exactly what the guys at Treehouse Comics will be hoping for this weekend.

That's because they'll be launching the third instalment of the popular Dundee comic book at a special event at the Tin Roof Art Collective this Saturday from 7pm.
Seven of the finest artists across Scotland have contributed to the comic, which is now available in Waterstones, including popular Dundonian talent David Robertson for the first time.
But, in addition to the exciting next edition of the comic and some free badges, the artsy folk have also built the ultimate treehouse for guests to enjoy.
Designed to resemble the dream treehouse that we all wanted as teenagers, the comic book team have spent most of the past week working to set it all up.
We've been speaking to Stuart McAdam, who edits the comic, for all the inside details and we've even got some teaser images for you to enjoy as well.
In the meantime though, here's the comic's brand new front cover designed by Norrie Miller.

Fans can expect the comic to have the usual eclectic mixture of subject matter, and its tendency to mask more serious ideas or concepts with nonsensical and humourous story-lines.
"The comic is basically a continuation of what we've been doing before with the previous comics," explains Stuart, who along with Neil Scott edits the comic anthology.
"There’s only seven contributors this time round, which is different as we've usually had 12. I've been a wee bit all over the place with various projects so I'm not in this one.
"But we do have a new contributor in David Robertson, who's quite well known in Dundee for his comic - it's called Fred Egg."
What else is different is the fact that the team have spent the last five days constructing a treehouse for guests to enjoy.
Previous events have been much lower-key but Stuart says it's something they've wanted to do for a while.
"To be honest we've wanted to build a treehouse since we first launched the project last year to be honest," he continued.
"Guests will get to enter it and we've built all the walls and the roof. Even the interior will be kitted out like it’s a dream treehouse or club house you wanted when you were 15.
"There will also be a barbeque and a bit of a party for the launch too. We've been doing a few conventions lately so we've got a collection of wee things to sell; for example David Kerr has quite a few mini-books.
"We’ll be going to a convention in Finland this September and to Thought Bubble down in Leeds - which is the biggest comic convention in the UK.
"But on the night, we’ll be giving away badges and we’ll be selling the remaining issues of edition from the first and second comics."

A treehouse installation was built and looked terrific...

Treehouse entrance.
Avril Smart playing games.
Blurred Norrie Millar and Andy Herd.
 Comics were on sale:
Treehouse issues 1-3.
Andy Herd at the Treehouse solo projects table.
Jules Valera's artworks.
There was an exhibition of original art...
Jules Valera preparing.
Exhibition in full swing.
Neil Scott and David Peter Kerr man the table. Damon Herd chatting behind them.
Exhibition still in full swing.
There were artists in who came along and got set to sketching as proceedings went on...
This was the first exhibition I've been in where I was onsite. It was a new experience to have folks studying your work. What's the etiquette? Are you to introduce yourself as the artiste? I decided to leave people to it...
Viewing 'Room Tour' undisturbed.
A great night. I feel lucky to be involved in Treehouse Comics. They have a lot of talent and enthusiasm and are an inspirational bunch. 

The exhibition is on for the rest of the week, so head along to Tin Roof for a look if you can make it!

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