Thursday, August 13, 2015


Andy Oliver has written on the new anthology Dirty Rotten Comics 5, which I have done a story for. The comic also features;

Amy Smith; Andy Barron (Website, Twitter); Anna Dowsland (Website, Twitter); Barney Farmer (Twitter) & Lee Healey (Website, Twitter); David Meadows & Andrew Potts (Website, Twitter); David Thomas & Rosa Devine (Website); David Ziggy Greene (Website, Twitter); Des Buckley (Website); Gary Clap (Website, Twitter); Ioan Morris (Website, Twitter); James Gifford (Website, Twitter); James Wragg (Website, Twitter); Jess Milton (Website, Twitter); Jessie Huckin; Jey Levang (Website, Twitter); Joe Callanan (Website, Twitter); John Dredge (Website, Twitter) & Joseph Champniss; Kevin Loftus (Website, Twitter); Kirk Campbell (Twitter); Matthew Dooley (Website, Twitter); Olivia Sullivan (Website, Twitter); Rozi Hathaway (Website, Twitter); Sarah Crosby (Website, Twitter); Scott Wrigg (Website, Twitter); Teal Barnes (Website, Twitter); Todd Oliver (Website, Twitter) and Tom Mortimer (Twitter).

Have a look at the review here.

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