Sunday, September 27, 2015


I was asked about Valiant books yesterday, and in particular Kelly's Eye. I knew I had a couple of issues at home and here is the story in question:

This episode of Kelly's Eye is from the 20th September 1969 edition. Valiant ran covers with outlandish images such as the one below with dinosaurs and cavemen running around...

"Is it true... that the early cavemen used firebrands to fight off dinosaurs, which often attacked them? You'll find the answer on It's All Yours page inside!"

Of course, you'd excitedly reach for that page and be presented with a sobering No. No, cavemen did not do that. Cavemen and dinosurs did not live at the same time.

But what a cover...

Researching Valiant comics online now is complicated by the fact that thirty years later there was an American line using the same name. This situation is similar to looking up the UK children's Phoenix comic, and being inundated with pictures of Jean Grey from the X-Men.

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