Sunday, October 08, 2017

24 HOUR COMIC DAY Volume 3

I took part in this event again this weekend, making 24 pages in 24 hours. Alongside Zu Dominiak and Olivia Hicks, we started at 10am Saturday, working through the night in the Ink Pot studio within Dundee Comics Creative Space.

As last year, I charted my progress online in real time. Here's a summation of how it went, with my photos and comments from Twitter and Facebook:

11.26am: Oh boy. It's 24 hour Comics day again. Let's go!

12.15pm: 24 hour comic day continues. 10 pages of layouts done. Pages 11 to 24 planned out.
12.58pm: 24 pages layouts done. Lunchtime!
3.23pm: 6 pages black and white artwork done. Gonna splash some colour paint on these once all 24 are done in b&w.
5.17pm: Page 7-9. Going out for a walk now. 24 hour Comics, ye bas!
7.51pm: Page 10 and 11. It's time for junk food.
10.58pm: Presenting pages 12 to 14 of this 24 hour comic venture.
1.56am: 24 hour comic pages 15-20. Giant dog.
3.20am: Last 4 pages inked for 24 hour comic day. Gonna take a break and then put some paint on.
8.54am: 24 hour comic day day done and dusted. I love doing this - it's insane. Over and out til next time!
Well done to Zu and Olivia who also completed their 24 page comics.
I hope to take part in this again next year and beyond.

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