Friday, July 13, 2018

THAT COMIC SMELL 23: Glenrothes Con Swag

The new episode of That Comic Smell is now online.
After the Glenrothes comicon, we looked over our hauls in a restaurant.
Have a listen at iTunes, Soundcloud and YouTube.

From the website:
"The great LL Cool J once said "Don't call it a come back!" and you you really shouldn't, we've only been away a couple of months.
We are back folks and we are back with a brand new plan of attack... Did we say attack? We meant Theme song. Yes, the incredible "Chartsmasher" AKA. @JoanEdam with his track "Dial Up" is the official theme of That Comic Smell Podcast and we could not be happier about it.
This is just a short episode to ease y'all back into the swing of things around here and we will be bi-weekly from there on out.
David, Mike and Tom all went to the magnificent Glenrothes Comic Con and afterwards took a trip to Edinburgh in search of some comics gold! During lunch the boys unveiled their swag from the day.
So join us on our dinner date after a full day of comics."

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