Sunday, April 21, 2019

THAT COMIC SMELL 42 - Fantagraphics ft. Charles Raymond

The new episode of That Comic Smell is now online.

Have a listen here:

From the web:
We are diving into the truly sublime, the absolute cream of the crop, the comics greatness that is “Fantagraphics” David brings along only a fraction of his vast FG collection to show off. We discuss how some of their collected titles are published in the UK. We each take a turn appreciating the greatness of this legendary comics publisher and all whilst having an incredible special guest…
Yes, we are joined by the ever so talented ‘Charles H Raymond’ Creator of such titles as ‘Death Inc. , Chlorophyll, Dust and so much more that you can find here
We also explore our opinions on movies these days and a little trip down memory lane via our television nightmares growing up.

This and all the usual comics chat on the only comics podcast to be powered by gas…

That Comic Smell!

Here are some of the titles mentioned:

Peanuts (Collections) (Charles M Schultz)
Hate (Peter Bagge)
Love & Rockets (Hernandez brothers: Gilbert, Jaime, Mario)
Black Hole (Charles Burns)
King (Ho Che Anderson)
Ghost World (Daniel Clowes)
David Boring (Daniel Clowes)
Palestine (Joe Sacco)
Jimmy Corrigan (Chris ware)
My Pretty Vampire (Katie Skelly)
Fante Bukowski (Noah Van Sciver)
Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse (Collections) (Floyd Gottfredson)
The End of the Fucking World (Charles Forsman)
Fritz The Cat (Robert Crumb)
Hip-Hop Family Tree (Ed Piskor)
Usagi Yojimbo (Stan Sakai)
The Comics Journal
Eightball (Daniel Clowes)
Acme Novelty Library (Chris Ware)
Real Girl (Various)
Duplex Planet (David Greenberger)
The Job Thing (Carol Tyler)
Frank (Jim Woodring)
Raisin Pie (Ariel Bordeaux, Rick Altergott)
Self Loathing Comics (Aline Kominksy-Crumb, Robert Crumb)
War of the Trenches (Jacques Tardi)
The Nimrod (Lewis Trondheim)"

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