Wednesday, April 22, 2020


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“What the hell is an internet?”
Hello everyone. That Comic Smell is joining the ranks of many other fine podcasts by going remote. Yes, we are unfortunately stuck like this for the next while so hope you all don’t mind our attempt at chatting over Skype. We finally get a chance to catch up and chat some good old fashioned comics. What we’ve been reading whilst stuck in doors. How we are all getting on with being indoors. How there are silver linings to every bad situation and a lot less chomping. None of us had any food. No Biscuits. No tea. It’s not right!

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Important Literary Journal (Kyle Baker)
Tetris (Box Brown)
Follow Me In (Katriona Chapman)
I am C3PO (Anthony Daniels)
Pyongyang (Guy Delisle)
Beam Me Me Up Scotty (Jimmy Doohan)
Ellerbisms (Marc Ellerby)
The Hulk #161 (Herb Trimpe, Steve Englehart)
Atomic Hercules (Tony Esmond, Adam Falp)
Whatever Happened To The World of Tomorrow (Brian Fies)
Apollo (Matt Fitch, Chris Baker, Mike Collins)
Kora (Chris Geary)
The Eternals (Jack Kirby)
Kamandi #23 (Jack Kirby)
The Sculptor (Scott McCloud)
Rom (Bill Mantlo, Sal Buscema)
Be Pure. Be Vigilant. Behave. (Pat Mills)
The Hands of Shang Chi - Master of Kung Fu (Mike Zeck, Doug Moench)
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neill)
Bell Time (David Robertson)
Secret Wars (Jim Shooter, Mike Zeck)
Kai and the Monkey King (Joe Todd Stanton)
Goblins 2 (Sloth Comics)

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