Monday, December 21, 2020

THAT COMIC SMELL: Christmas Do! (Our Best Reads of 2020)

The new episode is online now, celebrating Christmas and discussing our fave reads of the year.

From the website:

"HO! HO! HO!

Get ready because not even distance can stop the TCS crew from having their Christmas party and catch up.

We delve into what we have been reading this year and what we would consider out favourites of 2020. There is also a bit of general chatter as always but we mainly stick to the comics this time surprisingly.

It’s been a funny old year and we even had a bit of a break near the tail end of it to recharge and bank some more episodes. We have had to adapt to the new way of doing the show but we have plowed on and continued to enjoy talking comics and having you all listen. So thank you. A very Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year.


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The Best of The Spirit (Will Eisner)

Pulp (Ed Brubaker, Sean Philips)

Blazing Combat (Archie Goodwin, plus many artists)

Once and Future (Kieron Gillen, Dan Mora)

La Casa [The House] (Paco Roca)

Kent State (Derf Backderf)

What We Don't Talk About (Charlot Kristensen)

New Gods (Jack Kirby)

Journey to the Surface of the Earth (Fraser Geesin)

Sarararara (Olivia Hicks)

Star Jaws (Robin Barnard)

Star Trek The Enterprise Logs (Gold Key)

Atomic Hercules (Adam Falp, Tony Esmond)

Tony Esmond is a Movie Star (Cliff Cumber, Tony Esmond)

Firepower (Robert Kirkman, Chris Samnee)

Homunculus (Joe Sparrow)

The Junction (Norm Konyu)

What We Mean By Yesterday (Ben Marra)

Follow Me In (Katriona Chapman)

V For Vendetta (Alan Moore, David Lloyd)

Apollo (Mike Collins, Matt Fitch, Chris Baker)

Graphic Biography of Malcolm X (Randy DuBurke, Andrew Helfer)

The Three Jokers (Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok, Brad Anderson)"

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