Saturday, August 29, 2009


The first Hulk comic I ever read was most probably the simply titled Hulk Comic #1 in 1979. It was the start of a weekly series that had a fair amount of original material in, as opposed to the traditional Marvel UK format of reprinting US stories. This comic was an anthology, in the manner of most UK weeklies, and notably had David Lloyd's Night Raven in - a kind of prototype for his later V for Vendetta, and Steve Parkhouse and John Stokes' Black Knight - which featured Captain Britain.

The comic is remarkable to look at now as many of the artists drawing the Hulk stories have established themselves as comics greats in the following 30 (gulp) years. Look at this roster:

John Bolton

Steve Dillon

Dave Gibbons

Paul Neary

It was a pretty classy product, a uniquely British take on an American icon.

Next time I'll get onto a stalwart of the Hulk series who worked on it for a decade or so.

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