Thursday, March 19, 2015


I have reached the stage where it's time to draw the last ten pages of my comic Dump. It's a trepidatious and exciting feeling.

In writing the story, I've known what the final page is for a good while. Leading up to it, I jotted down ideas about what could happen as I went along. I picked and chose what was pertinent to the overall story. Sometimes I don't use ideas I really like because they are distracting from what I'm trying to get across. How do I know what's correct? The great thing about writing is I am in charge of deciding these things.

I had previously written up a run of 7 pages and hit my final page. After a read through or two, I wrote down a few things I thought I needed to get across to the reader. So another three pages were written. I sat down tonight and drew up a wee plan (shown above - sans plot details) to put the pages in the order they will appear. Everything is in there now, and adjustments to dialogue have been made because of the new running order. You really want to try and get everything in its proper place before finishing the pages - rewriting comics is not as simple as rewriting prose.

It's now time to get on with this.

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