Friday, September 09, 2016


The new episode of That Comic Smell is now online.

The podcast is like eavesdropping on a bunch of pals discussing comics. Teaspoons clinking for added ambience.

Have a listen at Soundcloud here or YouTube here.

From the website:

"This month, in the kitchen, we discuss some of the heroes of the underground movement and some other titles that have tickled our interests from those less well known creators.
We also have a brief talk on how our very own David Robertson comes up with ideas for his comics (Fred Egg Comics). We find out the name of one of Tom's amazon Wishlists and our second half is dedicated to all the latest and San Diego Comic Con 2016 News that has came out since last we met.
Also, who is Steve...Rogers? Trainer? Trevor?
All this on the brand new episode of That Comic Smell.
[These are some of the titles we discuss on the Pod]
Monografico (Fanzine)
Magic Whistle (Sam Henderson)
Den/NeverWhere (Richard Corben)
Groo (Sergio Aragonés)
The Dying and The Dead (Jonathan Hickman, Ryan Bodenheim)
Space Riders (Fabian Rangel Jr, Alexis Ziritt)
Spread (Justin Jordan, Kyle Strahm, Felipe Sobreiro)
D4ve (Ryan Ferrier, Valentin Ramon)
Zoo Hunters (Peter Steigerwald)
Kennel Block Blues (Ryan Ferrier, Daniel Bayliss)
Hot Damn (Ryan Ferrier, Valentin Ramon)
Trashed (Derf Backderf)
The Many Works Of R.Crumb
World Of Quest (Jason T. Kruse)
The Exterminators (Simon Oliver, Tony Moore)

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