Monday, October 03, 2016


I took part in 24 Hour Comics Day at the weekend. 10am Saturday – 10am Sunday, at the Dundee Comics Creative Space.

I've done it before. I was jokingly telling people that it took me 7 years to get over the previous go round, but there may have been a hint of truth in it.

I went into the event with a few lessons learned. Last time I did six panel pages throughout, and I decided to go between 1 and 3 this time. I also had a more square format page in mind rather than an A4. I was thinking of a comic like James Kochalka's Quit Your Job.

The best decision I made was to write and layout the whole story before I started drawing any pages. That really changed the feel of the entire day. Instead of blindly forging on, hoping it was all gonna come out okay, I already had my solid ground to work on.

As I worked through the day and night, I posted photos on Facebook and Twitter. Here's what I put up:

1.13pm: 2 pages done. 22 to go. Time for lunch.
4.11pm: Hey! 3 more pages. Coffee time.
6.58pm: Pages 6-10. Pizza has been ordered. 24 Hour Comic Day continues.
10.27pm: Here's pages 11-14.
12.49am: Pages 15 and 16. It's still 24 hour comic day even though it's tomorrow now.
3.20am: Here's pages 17-20. I'm still at it for 24 hour comics day. In body anyway, not sure where my brain's wandered off to.
5.20: Finished! My pages for 24 hour comic day, under the protective eye of a promo poster for DKIII: The Master Race.

Rebecca at the Dundee Comics Creative Space was also tweeting pictures of the event throughout. Here are a couple:

This event was attended by comics students and artists from the local area, and there was a lot of serious talent on show. The Dundee scene is truly booming and very inspirational at the moment.

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