Saturday, September 02, 2017

THAT COMIC SMELL: Jack Kirby Appreciation continued...

The new episode of That Comic Smell is now online.
Have a listen at iTunes, Soundcloud and YouTube.

From the website:
“We continue our appreciation for Jack one more time.
We discuss what the publishers have done for his birthday celebrations. Also what some of our particular "Best" moments of Kirby are.
We run as a 3 man team for about the first 20 minutes waiting for everyone else to arrive, in the time we talk about the great "Ann Nocenti" , the general layout and folks that were at the Glasgow comic con. We also speak about the elusive Previews catalogue and Giuseppe has a run in with a mystery shop online.
All this and more on the only podcast to bring you Kirby crackle in the ears... think about how that works for a second.
That Comic Smell!!”

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