Tuesday, August 29, 2017

THAT COMIC SMELL: Valerian / Jack Kirby

Two new episodes of the podcast are now online.

Episode 13: Valerian

From the website:
"In this episode the folks here talk "Valerian" The comic series created by Pierre Christin & Jean-Claude Mézières.
We go into the likes and dislikes of the series, what other projects the series inspired and whether they think it will make for an interesting film.
We weren't long back from the Glasgow comic-con in July, so we talk about the various books and goodies we acquired whilst there.
Plus! There is an added bonus review from our very own Tom at the end.
So plug in those headphones. Get ready to ride the podcast roller-coaster to the wonderful world of comics.
That Comic Smell!
*Music: Domiciles - Nothing's Ever Changed in the Whole Time That I've Been Here*
Some of the other titles we discussed:
The Mighty Women of Science (Claire Forrest, Fiona Gordon)
Dragon Ball Super (Akira Toriyama)
Toxoplasmosis, Parasites, Sleeping Sickness (Jaime Hall, Edward Ross, University of Glasgow)
Hot Schitt (Gordon Johnston)
Misc Fits, Hourly Comic Day 2017+2016 (Sammy Borras)
DTH RTL II, DTH (Bob Turner)
Left (Steve Ingram)
Sol (Rebecca Horner)
Video Games for Good (Various Artists Compiled by Claire Hubbard)
Space Captain (Michael Park, Chris Baldie, Dave Morrow)
Modern Slorance: The Canada Issue (Neil Slorance)
Digital Memories (Norrie Millar)
RASL (Jeff Smith)
The Bionic Man (Kevin Smith)
Superman Blue+Red (Dan Jurgens)
Leaf (Daishu Ma)
Reworking Walter Scott (Various Artists)
Sea Creatures: Reef Madness (Christophe Cazenove, Thierry Jytery)
Rostam: Tales for the Shahnameh (Bruce Bahmani, Karl Altstaetter)
Settle Petal (Alfie Pound)
The Demon (Garth Ennis, John McRea)
Boy Commandos (Jack Kirby, Joe Simon)
Love Bites (Zu Dominiak)
Transformers Collection (Various)
Kids Are Weird (Jeffery Brown)
Terra Obscura (Alan Moore, Peter Hogan, Yanick Paquette, Karl Stor)
Daredevil #283 August 1990 (Ann Nocenti, Mark Bagley, Al Williamson)
Valiant 1966 (Various)
Providence (Alan Moore, Jacen Burrows)
The Amazing Spider-man Annual 21 (David Michelinie, James Shooter, Paul Ryan, Vince Colletta)"

From the website:
"Happy 100th Birthday Jack! From all of us here at "That Comic Smell"
I'm sure I speak for the world of comics when saying that, without you the comic world would not be what it is today and possibly wouldn't even exist. You were a creation genius and an inspiration to everyone and anyone within comics, whether they know it or not.
In this episode we talk all things Kirby. There is not much more to say except to sit back and absorb all the Kirby chat.
We are also joined by an extremely special guest: Comic Artist, creator and all round good guy Mr. Dan McDaid.
Enjoy Folks.
*Music: Chart Smasher - Play*

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