Sunday, December 31, 2017


A round up of what I've been up to this past year...

In January, I finished my comic story, Nando. The process of making it and other comics projects is explained at my Comics MLitt blog.

Dundee Shmundee! 5 went online at the Dundee Comics Creative Space website here.

I had a cartoon published in US zine Copy This #35.

In February That Comic Smell podcast tackled politics.

I took part in Hourly Comics Day.

I wrote and drew a comic called George vs Herbert for Time & Space.

I then did readings of this and a comic on Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds album at the launch of Time & Space.

I did a story called Making of Space Film 7 for Star Jaws #15.

That Comic Smell then did an episode on science.

In March, Dundee Shmundee! 6 was published at the DCCS website.

I was a guest in the Covers Album article series for Broken Frontier.

I did a comic called Patriotism for Reworking Walter Scott.

And Dundee Shmundee! 7 appeared at the DCCS website.

In April, I did three stories Revenge on the Orbiting Space Pod, I Live with a Killer 3, and In Concert, for Treehouse #10.

Not comics really, but in May, I did a design as part of the Universty of Dundee 50th anniversary mural.

That Comic Smell had 3 episodes in June; the topics being Vertigo, Justice League, and “Comics with Meaning”.

In July I did a story called Endless Love for Love Bites #1.

In August, I wrote an article on the book, Wonderfully Wordless, for Reference Reviews.

That Comic Smell talked about Image Comics.

It was Jack Kirby's 100th birthday! In honour of the great comics creator, I did a massive painting.

That Comic Smell discussed Valerian, and then then two episodes on Kirby: one, two.

In September, I made a new comic to perform with The Scottish Ensemble for DeeCAP. It was called Orchestras.

Big Brown Eyes: Habitat published my comic Homeless.

I did a story called Robot // Monster for Love Bites #2.

I was interviewed by Gary Watson at Comics Anonymous.

In October, I did a 24 page comic called Dog Walker for 24 Hour Comics Day.

I did a photoshoot and put together a Foto Romance strip for Wilma!, written by Alexandra Craven.

In November, I bade Goodbye, Star Wars for the final issue of Star Jaws #23.

Dundee Shmundee! #8 was published at the DCCS website.

I guested on the Treehouse Comics podcast #7.1, discussing The Lakes Comics Festival and Stan Sakai.

I was also guest on The Beans podcast.

I was Dundee Comics Prize 2017 runner-up for a story on Gulliver's Travels, published in the Swift at 350 comic.

Dundee Shmundee! #9 appeared at the DCCS website.

In December, That Comic Smell did 2 episodes on Avery Hill comics; one, two.

I was on the second Treehouse Comics podcast on the Lakes Comics Festival and Sergio Aragones.

Dundee Shmundee #10 over at the DCCS website.

I released my new comic Wow! Retracted. 110 pages, with 40 stories, including a 12 page guest artist section featuring Eileen Budd, Marc Casilli, Zu Dominiak, Damon Herd, Olivia Hicks, Rebecca Horner, Paddy Johnston, Tim Kelly, Neil Paterson, Ludi Price, and Pam Wye. Online previews are here.

That Comic Smell did an episode on music, on westerns, and then on Calvin & Hobbes.

I also continued work on my webcomic Bell Time (Up to episode 33 completed as I speak).

Over the summer I worked on various comics for the MLitt course assignments, including a 24 page Dundee Comics Comic.

And I continued my Star Wars comic panels blog.

Happy New Year, everyone!

See you in 2018 for more comics adventures.

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