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John Freeman has written on Wow! Retracted over at Down the Tubes.

Have a read here.

"Wow! Retracted is the latest title from Dundee-based Fred Egg Comics – and if you’ve previously bought any of this quirky indie publisher’s books… then be prepared for even more quirkiness!

LeadIng with plenty of head-scratching, brain-teasing strips from writer-artist David Robertson, Wow! Redacted also features eleven short stories of his strips drawn respectively by Eileen Budd, Marc Cassilli, Zu Dominiak, Damon Herd, Olivia Hicks, Rebecca Horner, Paddy Johnston, Tim Kelly, Neil Paterson, Ludi Price, and Pam Wye.

Wow! Retracted is a one man anthology – at least as far as the writing goes.

“Nando” sees one man face mortality after crashing in the Andes. “Ink Drive” features an interdimensional trip. Walter Scott explains “Patriotism”. A worker gets even in “Revenge on the Orbiting Space Pod”. Romance is not dead in “Endless Love”.

The subtitles don’t quite match in “News for the Deaf”. A prankster runs amok in a virtual reality environment.

Two literary giants do battle in “George vs Herbert”. Romance is not dead in “Robot//Monster”. A talking bug causes havoc in “Intersectionality” And there’s more!

Wow! Retracted - Sample ArtWow! Retracted - Rvenge on an Orbiting Space Pod
“I have eleven different short stories written by me, with art by eleven others” David tells us, “on topics such as aliens, assumptions, the future, graffiti, horrible kids, ice poles, metafiction, synesthesia, rotted furniture, spray deodorants, and tarantulas.

“It’s a Fred Egg Comics bumper edition!”

A mix of genres – mostly black and white strips, but some in colour, this latest chunky, 110-page book from Fred Egg Comics costs just £10.

So if you like your mind stretched with some often absurdist form-defying comics, check out the links below on how to buy or find out more.

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