Monday, November 12, 2018

STAN LEE - Founder of the Comic Revolution!

Stan Lee was the first famous person I ever wondered about.

“I wonder what Stan Lee is doing right now?” I used to think.

As a wee boy in Dundee, the best I could envisage was him in the Marvel Comics office talking with writers and artists, or typing away writing stories.

The truth is that by the time I was reading Marvel Comics in the late 1970s, Stan Lee had moved on and was no longer part of the comics company. Each comic had “Stan Lee Presents” at the very beginning. He wrote “Stan's Soapbox” in each issue. He was still a figurehead, and remained so until today.

In Christmas 1979, I was lucky to get the Spider-Man Annual published in the UK, and in it was a three page article on Stan Lee.

Stan's reputation has changed over the years, but this article lionised him, and formed a basis for what I thought about him. I'm sad that he's died. It does feel like the end of an era.

Decades later, Stan appeared at a con in London, announcing that it was to be his last show there. I considered going, with the idea in my mind that when I was stood in his vicinity, I would at last know what he was doing right now.

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