Friday, June 07, 2019

THAT COMIC SMELL 45: Slice of Life

The new episode of the podcast is online now here.

From the web:

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”
It’s time for That Comic Smell to take a massive Slice of Life. Indeed, it is time for us to take a look at diary comics, a moment cut out of time, fiction that very much mimics life stories and so much more. We go from absolute belly laughs to comics that leave you heartbroken. All with an added deviation, where the folks here get into the real “Geek” of it all and talk shelf organisation. GET IN!
This and all the usual comics chat on the only comics podcast that can be stacked on a physical shelf…
That Comic Smell!
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Close to the Heart (Megan Sinclair + Various)
Follow me in (Katriona Chapman)
Modern Slorance (Neil Slorance)
Asleep in the Back (Time Bird)
Bi the Way (MJ Wallace)
Various Hourly Comics (Alex Assan, Ell J Walker, Sammy Borras & mnay more)
Trashed (Derf)
Face down in the Mud (David B Cooper)
Scenes from an Impending Marriage (Adrian Tomine)
Strangers in Paradise (Terry Moore)
Kids are Weird (Jeffery Brown)
Our Super Adventure & American Adventure (Sarah Graley)
Momorias de un Hombre Pijama (Paco Roca)
Un Hombre en Pijama (Pacoa Roca)
Little Nothings (Lewis Trondhiem)
Astronauts of the Future (Lewis Trondhiem)
A Quiet Disaster (Alex Potts)
Peep Show (Joe Matt)
Spent (Joe Matt)
Graffiti Kitchen (Eddie Campbell)
American Splendor (Harvey Pekar)
The Black Hole (Whitman Comics)
Jimmy Corrigan (Chris Ware)
Dilbert (Scott Adams)
Hate! (Peter Bagge)
Monsieur Jean (Dupuy, Berberian)
Fungus the Bogeyman (Raymond Briggs)
Laptop Guy (Sha Nazir, Jack Lothian)
Superhero Therapy (Janina Scarlet, Wellinton Alves)"

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