Friday, June 21, 2019

THAT COMIC SMELL 46: Film & TV Tie-Ins/Adaptations

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"The Book Is Better!”
We have all seen the films based on comic books. I mean hell, Marvel is more films than comics these days. What about the comics that are based, tied in with, continuing on, adapted from films and Television Shows. Well we grab every available one that we own and pass them round like there’s no tomorrow. There are some absolute crackers here and some tasty rarities to wrap your ears around. From cartoons and adventure heroes. To space age horror and life stories. You won’t want to miss the picks this time around.

This and all the usual comics chat on the only podcast to come on both Betamax AND laser disc...

That Comic Smell!

(Some of the titles discussed)
Wolf's Rain (Bones, Keiko Nobumoto, Toshitsugu Lida)
Scooby Apocalypse (Keith Giffen, J.M.Dematteis, Howard Porter, Hi-Fi)
Green Lantern/Space Ghost (Tynion IV, Sebela, Olivetti)
Suicide Squad/Banana Splits (Bedard, Caldwell, Morales)
The Flintstones (Russel, Pugh, Chuckry)
Wacky Raceland (Pontac, Manco, Sanzone)
The Tick (Marc Silvia, Mychailo Kazybrid)
The Simpsons (Various)
Jurassic Park (Walt Simonson, Gil Kane, George Perez)
X-Men 2 (Brian K Vaughan, Tom Mandrake)
Star Wars (Cassiday, Aaron)
Looney Tunes (Various)
Spider-Man Adventures (Nelyomtov, Alex Saviuk)
Rick&Morty (Various)
Ren & Stimpy (Dan Slott, Mike Kazaleh)
Star Trek TNG (Michael Jan Friedman, Kevin Ryan, Chuck Frazier)
Batman (Dennis O'Neil, Jerry Ordway)
Batman Returns (Dennis O'Neil, Steve Erwin)
Batman Adventures (Kelley Aukett, Martin Pasko, Brad Rader, Ty Templeton)
The Man With No Name (Christos Gage, Wellington Dias)
Red Dwarf (Various)
Aliens (Various)
Godzilla age of Monsters (Various)
Adventure Time (Various)
Batman 66 (Jeff Parker, Jonathan Case, Ty Templeton)
Inu Yasha (Rumiko Takahashi)
Transformers/Visionaries (Magdalene Visaggio, Fico Ossio)
The A-Team (Jim Salicrup, Marie Sevrin)
Freaks (Jim Woodring, Francisco Solano Lopez)
Star Trek Enterprise Logs (Various)
American Splendor: Our Movie Year (Various)
Metropolis (Christophe Girard)
2001 A Space Odyssey (Jack Kirby)
Futurama (Various)
Futurama/Simpsons (Various)
Star Trek: Countdown (Various)
Steven Universe (Jeremy Sorese, Coleman Engle)
Future Quest (Jeff Parker, Evan "Doc" Shaner, Steve Rude)
Star Wars Classic (Various)
Alien (Archie Goodwin, Walt Simonson)
Indiana Jones (John Byrne, Terry Ouston)"

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