Tuesday, December 31, 2019


My annual round up of what I've been up to throughout the year.

In January, my weekly webcomic Bell Time continued with pages 28-31.

John Freeman interviewed me over at Down the Tubes.

That Comic Smell podcast presented two episodes. In the first we discussed our Top 3 Bronze Age comics, the second covered Justice League International Volume 2.

My other webcomic concerns the Tay Bridge disaster. Here is the 22nd strip.

Copy That! #59 featured my comic, Down to a Tea.

In February I presented Bell Time pages 32-35.

I took part in Hourly Comic Day.

We enthused about our favourite comic shops and comic shop memories in That Comic Smell.

I posted my 23rd Tay Bridge Disaster comic strip.

Bell Time pages 36-40 were posted in March.

In April, That Comic Smell discussed Batman and Fantagraphics.

Bell Time 41-44 and Dundee Shmundee #24 were posted.

Bell Time continued in May with pages 45-48.

I put together a collection of comics I did in the 1990s and released them as But a Dream!

That Comic Smell did our third Justice League International episode, and a show where we each picked three random comics to Review, Recommend. Highly Rate.

I guested on the Comic Scene podcast, discussing Hulk Annual 1980 and Soldier’s Heart by Carol Tyler.

In June Bell Time was approaching the end with episodes 49-53.

Star Jaws 3 of 3 from Barnstormer Comics featured two of my comics, Was There Always a Bigger Fish? and Training Days.

That Comic Smell discussed Slice of Life comics and Film and TV tie-ins.

I wrote a guest blog for Daddy Duder Comics.

Bell Time came to a conclusion in July with the posting online of 54-56. I decided to colour the pages digitally before collecting them for print.

In August That Comic Smell discussed British Super-Heroes, and Tom did his first Creator Conversation; starting with me!

August was also the 10th anniversary of this blog and I did a competition to giveaway the entire Fred Egg Comics back catalogue.

A Place to Hang Your Cape interviewed me.

I wrote an article on the Walt Simonson Star Wars Artist Edition, and conducted an interview with Death Wish writer Barrie Tomlinson.

In September Good Comics ran my comic God Bless the Posties.

1990s comics were the topic for That Comic Smell.

I did a couple of Hulk panels for Adam Falp's 102: Tribute to Jack Kirby.

In October I was guest on Samuel George London's Comics for the Apocalypse podcast - a kind of Desert Island Discs for comics.

I had a comic called Coming of Age in Bloom; the latest anthology from Big Brown Eyes.

That Comic Smell did a second episode on horror comics for Halloween.

In November I posted online my Blade Runner tribute comic Los Angeles, November 2019.

In the run up to attending Thought Bubble to launch Bell Time, I appeared on An Englishman in San Diego.

The print edition of Bell Time was released, with coloured pages, guest writers' stories drawn by me, and making of section.

I had a couple of comics in Funtime Comics Anthology #32.

My comic Water (Load of Rubbish) was published in the Water Worlds anthology.

That Comic Smell visited Thought Bubble and recorded a show whilst there.

Star Jaws began publishing my Blade Runner comic with #29.

In December That Comic Smell did a show on Books about comics, a show on Annuals and 2019 favourites, and then faced off with The Awesome Comics Podcast in an end of year quiz.

Have a great 2020, everyone!

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