Thursday, July 09, 2020


The new episode is online now.

From the web:

"This time on the podcast we get real. Like, really real. Yes, we are getting down, deep and dark by covering some “Heavy Comics”
That doesn’t mean we can’t have a good laugh along the way though. We have a little catch up, Mike has a little technical issue at the start and we gain an echo. Disclaimer! We did actually gain an echo near Nando’s books. There was a slight problem and we couldn’t get rid of it. It’s barely noticeable, but just so you folks know going in. It’s already heavy enough without the sound going that way as well.

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Barefoot Gen (Keiji Nakazawa)
Essex county (Jeff Lemire)
Hip-Hop Family Tree (Ed Piskor)
Persepolis (Marjane Satrapi)
Illegal (Eoin Colfer, Andrew Donkin, Giovanni Rigano)
March (Congressman John Lewis, Nate Powell, Andrew Aydin)
Lighter Than my Shadow (Katie Green)
My Friend Dahmer (Derf Backderf)
Suffragette (Mary Talbot, Kate Charlesworth, Bryan Talbot)
King (Hoe Che Anderson)
Malcolm X for Beginners (Bernard Aquina Doctor)
Apollo (Chris Baker, Matt Fitch, Mike Collins)
Lulu and Mitzy: Best Laid Plans (S. Eddy Bell)
Eightball #23 (Dan Clowes)
Maus (Art Spiegelman)
Charley's War (Pat Mills, Joe Colquhoun)
Rosalie Lightning (Tom Hart)
Heavy Metal (Various)
Raze (Claire Spiller)
Anxiety Me (Nicole Bates)
Decomposition (Steven Ingram)
Barking (Lucy Sullivan)
Blue is the Warmest Colour (Julie Maroh)
In Waves (Aj Dungo)
My Friend Dahmer (Derf Backderf)
Heroes For Hope: X-Men (Various Greats)
Heroes Against Hunger (Various Other Greats)
Teen Titans (Marv Wolfman, George Perez)
Green Lantern/Green Arrow (Denny O'Neil, Neal Adams)
Superman/Batman #26 (Sam Loeb, Various)
Heroes (Various Marvel, Alex Ross Cover)
Amazing Spider-man #36 (Strazinsky, John Romita Jr)
Fax from Sarajevo (Joe Kubert)
The Silence of our Friends (Nate Powell, Mark Long, Jim Demonakos)
Close to the Heart (Megan Sinclair, Various)
Chernobyl: The Zone (Natacha Bustos, Francisco Sanchez)
Wrinkles [Arrugas] (Paco Roca)
Wired up Wrong (Rachael Smith)
Stand in Your Power (Rachael Smith)
The Tale of One Bat Rat (Brian Talbot)"

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