Monday, August 03, 2020

AWESOME COMICS PODCAST: Brainstorming Comics!

I had a great time on the latest episode of Awesome Comics Podcast, available online now.

Have a listen here.

From the website:

"A whirlwind of creativity abounds, as the Awesome gang try out a creativity exercise using the awesome Narrata playing cards to brainstorm a bunch of comic book pitches! From dinosaurs, death row, sex crazed villains and tragic love stories involving tortoises and horses - this ones got it all! Not only that but the amazing David Robertson (Break the Cake, Bell Time) joins in on the fun and helps recommend some awesome indie comics you should check out too!

Great stuff to check out this week - David Robertson, Fred Egg Comics, Mount a Rescue, Bell Time, That Comic Smell, Narrata Storytelling Cards, Humanoids Humble Bundle, Knockout & Tiger Style, Skrawl, Knights vs Pirates, Sappy Flu Year, Tim Kelly, Usagi Yojimbo - Bunraku, The Boy Who Became a Dragon, Hedra"

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