Saturday, August 29, 2020

THAT COMIC SMELL: You Make Comics?!


The new episode is online now.

From the web:

"This time we take a look just outside the world of comics to find those writers, artists etc that have made comics but are very much known for other things. We find famous authors, actors, chefs, scientists, wrestlers, musicians and many more, all dipped and continue to dip their toes into the wonderful world of comics. There are some huge names and some real surprises during this topic. 

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Anthony Bourdain: Chef (Get Jiro, Kitchen Confidential)
Anthony Daniels: Actor (Star Wars: The Protocol Offensive [Droids])
Bill Hader and Seth Myers: Comedians/Talk Show Hosts (Spider-man)
Brad Meltzer: Author (Identity Crisis)
Brian Posehn: Comedian (Deadpool, The Last Christmas)
Charlie Huston: Author (Moon Knight)
Claudio Sanchez: Musician (Armory wars, Kill Audio)
CM Punk: Wrestler (Thor, Master of Kung Foo, Drax, Strange Sports)
Denise Mina: Author
Frankie Boyle: Comedian (Clint)
Gerard Way: Singer (Umbrella Academy, Killjoys)
Grayson Perry: Artist
Harlan Ellison: Author
Ian rankin: Author (Dark Entries)
j michael straczynski: Screen Writer (Supreme Power)
Jurassic Park (Gill Kane, George Perez, Walt Simonson)
Kareem Abdul Jabbar: Basketball Player (Marvel 1000)
Kevin Smith: Director (Spider-man & Black Cat, Green Arrow, Batman 66, Bionic Man, Green Hornet)
Lenny Henry: Comedian (The Quest for the Big Woof) (Steve Parkhouse)
Max Bemis: Musician (Centipede, X-Men, Lucy Dreaming, Evil Empire)
Michael Moorcock: Author
Nic Cage: Actor (Voodoo Child)
Paton Oswalt: Comedian (The Goon, JLA, The Simpsons, Serenity)
Rashida jones: Actor (Frenemy)
Reginald Hudlin (Black Panther) (Romita JR)
Sam Jackson: Actor (Cold Space)
Shia LeBoufe: Actor (Self Published Graphic Novels)
Ta-Nehisi coates: Author (Black Panther)
Thomas Jane: Actor (Bad Planet)
Tom Morello: Musician (Orchid)
William Stout (King Kong)"

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