Saturday, September 19, 2009


Something is going on in Borders.

They actually have US Marvel comics on sale, which is nice to see.

As far as I can remember, that's the the first time Marvels been available to people outside comics shops in the UK for about fifteen years. Up til 1994, Comag was distributing them - complete with fairly huge stickers plastered on the covers.

Along with their carrying Crikey!, this shows a new interest in comics is happening at Borders (they already had a pretty good aisle or two of graphic novels). Borders is charging a fortune for single issues though - I'm pretty sure some of those single issues cost £4.25, which is a lot to ask for an impulse comics buy.

In the UK, these US originals have to compete with British comics that reprint up to 3 US comics from a couple of years ago. These collections are all colour, cost about the same price or cheaper, and are a lot thicker.

And the US originals still have a big sticker stuck on front too.

But it is part of a pleasing trend on the part of the chain. Long may it continue.

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