Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Today I picked up Marvel Comics’ Strange Tales anthology. This comic is the same vein as DC’s Bizarro books, and Dark Horse’s Star Wars Tales. Contributions come from Peter Bagge, Nick Bertozzi, Jason, James Kochalka, Junko Mizuno, Perry Bible Fellowship, Paul Pope and more. A stellar line up for sure, taking time out to do a super-hero story.

Here is An X-Men one-pager by the Perry Bible Fellowship:

I haven't read X-Men in over 20 years, but that's gotta be the best mutant story they've published in a long time!

Get down to a comics shop and buy this one quickly. A co-worker of mine has read Bizarro and asked me to get him a copy of this new title. But my comics retailer had no copies left. I’d got mine because I asked for it in advance, but other than that, he had under-ordered it. He said quite a few people had asked for it and were disappointed...

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