Monday, September 07, 2009


A nice surprise in Borders bookshop yesterday - the latest issue of Crikey! sitting on the shelf at the comics section. I've bought Crikey! a couple of times before through mail order; the first issue to try it out, and the fifth as it had an Eagle /Dan Dare cover article.

They have obviously expanded their distribution network to include Borders now, which must be a financial gamble. It's good to see a comics magazine in a mainstream outlet though, even if it does deal solely with nostalgia.

There is Comics International, but even as the new editor vastly improved the content, the magazine's publication schedule fell apart. I think there's been 1 issue of the (previously monthly) magazine this year.

So I wish Crikey! all the best and hope it enjoys a lengthy run.

Images: cover and pages from Crikey! #11

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