Tuesday, October 06, 2009

24 HOUR COMICS DAY photo report

3rd October was 24 Hour Comics Day all around the world. I took part in this at the Kingdom of Adventure Games and Comics Shop in Kirkcaldy. It was an absolute blast. An immense amount of work, but well worth it. Here are some photos of the event:

Outside the shop, twenty minutes before the starting time of 1400hrs. A nice sunny day, you'd never guess the insane project about to commence.

The calm before the storm. Upstairs in the shop, preparations are underway. Darren Stewart trying to get a drawing tablet to work; Artyom Semenov drawing like crazy; Robert Linehan blowing his nose.

1400hrs - Shop owner David Wright fires the starting pistol.

1600hrs - Michaela Morrison and Nathan Stevenson working hard as a team. Other soft drinks are available.

2038hrs - Artyom and Sean Cameron in high spirits, while Robert has a read.

2334hrs - Sean checking over work. At eleven years old he bashed on through page after page with a work ethic that put many of the older participants to shame.

0214hrs - a change of scene; Alexander Jackson, Michael Elliot, Paul Laurie and Darren working downstairs on (closed) shop floor.

0309hrs - Local drunken nightlife at the windows, "Your drawings are pish!"

0524hrs - Artyom's power nap note.

0524hrs - shop regulars take over the music system and play William Shatner songs.

0525hrs - David surveys his Kingdom (of Adventure).

0635hrs - the Morrison/Stevenson comics team is half asleep.

0641hrs - taking a break to check out the comics on sale.

0642hrs - at this point, I wrote all my remaining pages just before my brain shut down. Above are the layouts.

0706hrs - Eek. The sun starts to come up again.

After the war.

What an experience. I'm glad to report that by 12noon I had finished my 24 page comic!

David Wright scanned everyone's work and plans to upload it online soon.


  1. Thats a nice blog post i'm glad it wasn't as downbeat as daves(the other dave!), it's good to see some photos up, and believe it or not but i am checking your blog periodically. :O I like what i see alot.

  2. Thanks, Darren.
    I think Dave had more on his mind, what with being responsible for everybody. I just had to concentrate on getting my 24 pages done.
    I hope to see your photos online too...