Thursday, February 04, 2010

I’ve known Milo McLaughlin for around ten years. He’s a very creative guy. He uses his Gaseous Brain blog to express his huge interest in music, technology and art in general.
I asked him to write something for me, as long as it was comics-related. Being the techno-buff he is, he’s presented me with a video instead of a written piece.
I’ll turn you over to the man himself now...
For some strange reason, I really identified with pigs when I was younger, maybe it was something about them being fat, smelly and funny-looking. As I was also a massive comic fan, Oink! seemed to be designed specifically for me when it came out.
Looking back it was a total anomaly, having an offbeat humour that seemed to be as much for the amusement of the creators, which included Tony Husband, Charlie Brooker and Marc Riley, as it was for the kids.
I'd always remembered the free flexidisc given away with issue one fondly, and at some point even told my girlfriend about it so I was delighted when she bought it me off Ebay for my birthday recently.
Of course the songs are terrible, but I still found them amusing though maybe I was listening to them through a rose-tinted hearing aid. Anyway, this video will give you an idea of what Oink! was all about.
You can also read about it and see some scanned pages via the following links:

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