Monday, January 13, 2014


Terry Hooper-Scharf has written on Dump #2 over at Comic Bits Online.
Have a look here 

"This is actually a nice little package and £1 for 60 pages???? That is crazy, but that's just me.  The quality of printing is great and, hmm, why is that cover design so familiar?

Now, this was an enjoyable and fun read and although I cannot say any artist in particular leapt out of the page at me this was a true Small Press publication.  Saying it is Small Press is NOT insulting the creators involved -in the UK the Small Press is, after all, the grass roots comics industry.

And for £1.00 -how can you complain?  "Dump" reminded me somewhat of a strip you might find back in the 1980s in something like Knock Yaself Out Comix and "Hey, Joe?" was interesting. If asked, yes, I'd recommend this and it might inspire others to have a go at self publishing.

All together a great little book."

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