Saturday, January 11, 2014


My new comic is now available! Dump #2. All stories written by myself, with 5 one page stories drawn respectively by Stephen Boyd, Damon Herd, Donna Law, Neil Paterson and Keara Stewart.
The comic is 6”x9, and has black and white pages with colour cover.
60 pages for £1.
To get a copy go to the Fred Egg Comics shop over on the right.
The title Dump serves as a description of the book - a collection place for different comics I've done; and as the name of the main story, whose central character works in a council dump. "Hey, Joe..?" is a story about a driver trying to remember the name of an actor. "History of E-Mail and the Internet" is presented in 4 pages. I have 5 different one page stories written by me, with art by 5 others as listed above, on topics such as coleslaw, cycling, parties, rain and voting. There is also a 24 hour comic called "Everything".

I'll post a few sample pages here. Keep your eyes peeled...

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