Monday, September 07, 2020


I, and my That Comic Smell buddies, appear on the latest episode of The Lakes Comic Art Festival Podcast.

Have a listen here.

From the website:

"It’s a review juggernaut of an episode in which I brought in the rest of the TCS crew to join me. So it’s just over 2 hours long.

We review everything from the latest Avery Hill Publishing releases, a Tribute Press title, Russel Mark Olson Art books & more. To V for Vendetta, Buck Rogers, Firepower and our personal reads. There is also chat on That Comics Smell’s recent comic anthology announcement and some of our personal projects.

Hope they just keep the place tidy before we get back! Unruly boys!

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Tom Stewart Fernando Pons – @thatcomicsmell David Robertson – @fredeggcomics Mike Sedakat – @MikeSedakat"

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