Saturday, September 26, 2020

THAT COMIC SMELL: Who are you, again? (Character changes)


The new episode is online now, discussing how different character have changed and evolved over the years.

From the website:

"Hello everyone!

In this episode of the pod we dive into characters that have REALLY changed over time. We mainly cover ones that have changed in design from their first iterations but we also go a little deeper and cover some other angles.

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Love and Rockets (Los Bros Hernandez)

Dennis the Menace (Beano, George Mooney, Davey Law)

Bananaman (The Nutty/Dandy, John Geering)

Drax the Destroyer (Jim Starlin, Mike Friedrich)

Garfield (Jim Davis)

Venom (Todd McFarlane)

Harley Quinn (Paul Dinin, Bruce Timm)

Catwoman (Bill Finger, Bob Kane)

Dragonball Z (Akira Toriyama)

Dan Dare (Frank Hampson, Ian Kennedy, Alan Moore :P Jokes, Grant Morrison, Dave Gibbons, Gary Erskine and many more)

Robin (Bill finger, Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson)

Iron Man (Stan Lee, Don Heck, Jack Kirby, Larry Lieber)

Nick Fury (Stan Lee, Jack Kirby)

Captain Marvel (Stan Lee, Gene Colan)"

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