Wednesday, September 09, 2020


This is Marc Casilli's latest issue of Liget, published by Incompleta.

One of the stories inside is a variation on the Harvey Pekar name story. This one is a kind of Marc Casilli face story, in which he discusses all the people and characters he's been compared to.

For the front cover, Marc has lots of these character faces in a Guess Who? style game.

On the back, he's asked different artists to draw pictures of his actual face, including Dominic Archer, Edson Bortolotte, Paula Cruz, Livia Fuhrmann, Joao B. Godoi, Debora Kamogawa, Kaina Lacerda, Mayara Lista, Isabelle Ribeiro, Hendric Sueit, and Gary Walsh.

I drew one too. It's in the middle at the front.

More details on Marc's comics can be found here.

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