Tuesday, June 06, 2023


Trickfilm #3 is out now from Charles Brubaker and Micah Lisenfeld.

It features Edtropolis, Tom Motley, Josh Nickerson, and Dan Variano.

I also have a cartoon in there, called "Legacy".

Trickfilm #3 will be available soon here.

Sunday, May 28, 2023

THAT COMIC SMELL: Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars

The latest episode was a chance to expose my inner mid-1980s Marvel Zombie self, with all my enthusiasm for Secret Wars; celebrating how it was published in Britain as a weekly comic, as a tie-in with Spider-Man Weekly, and the concurrent Secret Wars Panini Sticker Album. I lapped it all up!

From the website:

"It’s been a long time coming folks, we have hinted at it over the years and shouted it time and time again. We go head first into SECRET WARS!!
Get ready to find out if everyone enjoyed it and if the series stands up all these years later.
This and all the usual comics chat on…
That Comic Smell!"

Have a listen here.

Sunday, April 30, 2023


I've been writing and drawing something and thought I'd post some images of work progress, without spoiling the story.

First pic shows what I call the writing/layout page. It features full dialogue, and very minimal, and sometimes no, artwork. This is generally the method by which I write. 

If someone else is involved, i.e. an artist, I'll type up a script for them, as this layout page would be impenetrable to someone else. 

This latest piece is indeed for an anthology, so I typed up a script for the editor to read.

Next is more detailed pencils:

Then the page was inked:

This next pic is the page after it's been scanned and tidied up in Photoshop:

Panels five and eight have text which was also added in Photoshop (obscured here to avoid spoilers):

The next step will be colouring the page digitally.

Hope this was on interest!

Sunday, March 26, 2023


I am working away on the next That Comic Smell anthology, along with my friends Nando Pons, Mike Sedakat, and Tom Stewart.

I have been writing scripts for them to illustrate, and they've been doing likewise. We'll also be doing solo stories.

Here's a wee tease of a story Tom wrote that I've drawn:

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Saturday, February 18, 2023

THAT COMIC SMELL: Mike's Longboxes of Goodies

The latest episode is online now! Have a listen here.

From the website:

"Back in 2020, when we were all on lockdown, there was a little break where people could meet outdoors but at a distance. We took this time to have a little comic swap/mart in the driveway of That Comic Smell’s home.
It was one of the few times we had seen each other in person. Mike had been gifted various longboxes with A LOT of comics. They were predominantly DC titles and after we had met, had a good laugh and picked our way through them all, we went back home, read a bunch of them and discussed it over Skype.
This is a little blast from the past and some things that are discussed may be long past now but it just gives us a little glimpse into a time where we were still trying our hardest to stay connected with friends and loved ones.
It’s also where we got free comics and showed them off!
This and all the usual comics chat on…
That Comic Smell!

El Zorro (Alex Toth)
The Eternals (Jack Kirby)
Love and Rockets (Jaimie Hernandez)
Knockout and Tigerstyle (Adam Falp, Fraser Campbell)
Holly (Steven Ingram)
Penned Guin: Coincidence (Alan Henderson)
Machine Man (Steve Ditko)
2001 A Space Odyssey (Jack Kirby)
DC Action (Various DC)
Mad Magazine
The Flash (William Messner Loeb, Greg LaRocque, Mark Waid)
Batman #66 (Tom King, Jorge Fornes, Dave Stewart)
L.E.G.I.O.N (Alan Grant, Barry Kitson)
Tales of the Legion of superheroes (Paul Levitz, Steve Lightle)
Atlantis Chronicles (Peter David, Esteban Maroto)
Action Comics (John Byrne)
Justice League #1 Silver Age Classics (Gardner Fox, Mike Sekowsky, Joe Giella, Murphy Anderson, Bernard Sachs)
Superman Special (Walter Simonson)
Secret Origins: Shazam (Jerry Bingham, Roy Thomas)
Captain Atom (Greg Weisman, Cary Bates, Will Conrad)
Elongated Man: Europe 92 (Mike Parobeck)
Marvel Zombies #1 (Robert Kirkman, Sean Phillips)
Team Titans (Adam Hughes)
Legionnaires (Chris Sprouse)
Secret Origins Annual: Teen Titans (Various Heavy hitters)
Superman #487: Christmas in Suicide Slumberland (Jerry Ordway, Tom Grummett)
Hawk and Dove: A babe in Toyland (Kevin McGuire)
Eclipso #1 (Keith giffen, Robert Loren Fleming, Bart Sears)
Eclipso: Batman (Alan Grant, John Wagner)
Lobo's Christmas Special (Alan Grant, Keith Giffen)
Superman: The Wedding Annual (Dan Jurgens, Karl Kesel, David Michelinie, Louise Simonson, Roger Stern)
Guy Gardner
Hawk World
Martian Manhunter (J.M. Dematteis, Mark Badger, Bob Lappan)
War of the Gods #1 (George Perez, Cynthia Martin)
Wonder Woman (George Perez, Colleen Doran)
Aquaman (Keith Giffen, Robert Loren Fleming, Curt Swan, Al Vey)
Superman: Returns to Action Comics (George Perez, Brett Breeding)
Justice League Europe (Keith Giffen, Marshall Rodgers)"

Thursday, February 09, 2023


I'm guesting on the latest episode of this fun podcast, discussing the newspaper strip story, The Return of Ben Kenobi, by Archie Goodwin and Al Williamson, with hosts Brian Rudloff and Sam Stovold.

Have a listen here.

Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Sunday, February 05, 2023

THAT COMIC SMELL: This Year's Intention Fails, Favourite Reads & Christmas Gift Show Off

The latest episode is now online!

From the website:

"On this episode we get together to discuss our “Intention Fails” and whether we managed to get through our 3 for this year and what we chose for the year ahead.
For those who weren’t there for the first time ‘Intention Fails’ are comics that we bought with every intention of reading but have then sat on the shelf for some time, unread. So we take this time to pick 3 particular titles and attempt to read them in the year. We have done it for roughly 3-4 years now.

Nando, on the other hand, reads his comics as soon as he gets them. SO for him, he was sharing his top reads of 2022. The rest of the gang did this also.

Just as an added extra, we all brought along some comics that we got as gifts over the Christmas period. This was just a chance to show off. They say that “No one likes a show off” Well we love one in this case.

This and all the usual comics chat on…
That Comic Smell!

The Incredible Hulk (Stan Lee, Jack Kirby)
Millar & Pinchin (Leopold Maurer)
Autobiographix (Various Dark Horse Creators)
Day of the Triffids (John Wyndham)
Middlewest (Skottie Young, Jorge Corona)
Now (Fantagraphics)
Mome (Fantagraphics)
The Work of Lewis Trondheim
We Told You So: Comics as Art (Tom Spurgeon, Michael Dean)
Minimum Wage (Bob Fingerman)
London's Dark (James Robinson, Paul Johnson)
Alec (Eddie Campbell)
Lobo (Alan Grant, Simon Bisley)
Pogo (Walt Kelly)
Manga Theatre (Akira Toriyama)
Donald Duck: Lost in the Andes (Carl Barks)
Deathlock (Rich Buckler, Doug Moench)
Karl the Viking (Don Lawrence, Ted Cowan)
Garfield (Jim Davis)
Captain Harlock (Levi Matsumoto)
Fists of the North Star (Buronson, Tetsuo Hara)
Blacksad (Juanjo Guarnido, Juan Díaz Canales)
Fantastic Four: Full Circle (Alex Ross)
Emotional World Tour (Paco Roca, Miguel Gallardo)
Xenozoic (Mark Schultz)
Lobo: Convention Special (Alan Grant, Kevin O'neil, Keith Giffen)
Mort Cinder (Alberto Breccia, Héctor Germán Oesterheld)
Weird Western Tales: Jonah Hex (Michael Fleisher, JOhn Albano, Jose Garcia Lopez)
Pocket Thoughts (Anthology)
Liget (Anthology)
Dejects (Jay Stephens)
Crashpad (Gary Panter)
Mechaboys (James Kochalka)
Star Trek: Death Before Dishonour (Peter David, James W. Fry)
Marvel Masters of Suspense (Steve Ditko, Stan Lee)
One More Year (Simon Hanselmann)
Megahex (Simon Hanselmann)
Megg & Mogg in Amsterdam (Simon Hanselmann)
Bad Gateway (Simon Hanselmann)
Seeds and Stems (Simon Hanselmann)
Below Ambition (Simon Hanselmann)
Maison Ikkoku (Ruiko Takahashi)
All The Marvels (Douglas Wolk)
Eightball (Daniel Clowes)
Creepy Creations (Ken Reid)
Dynamite Diva: One Eyed Wild Ride (Jasper Jubenville)
Cosmic Slop #1 (Jordan Barry-Browne)
Blammo #9 (Noah Van Sciver)
Jungleland (Adam Falp)
Calvin and Hobbes: Tenth Anniversary Book (Bill Watterson)"

Have a listen here.