Sunday, July 25, 2021


When Batman: The Killing Joke came out in 1988, it was unusual for a prestige format DC comic in that it had distribution right away in venues other than comic stores.

I remember seeing it on sale in Virgin Records (alongside newly released Duran Duran live video "Working for the Skin Trade").

My first thought was "Oh, that Batman comic has the name of the band".

This has always been part of the comic for me, and I presume for most people who know of the band. 

I listen to them every so often, and this time around I got to thinking that many years and decades have gone by now, and maybe some comic readers don't know of the band?

They're bloody good, and have recorded some great songs!

Saturday, July 17, 2021

THAT COMIC SMELL: Justice League International Volume 5

The new episode is online now. A return to discussing Justice League International.

From the website:

"Guess who’s back with a brand new plan of attack?!
Yes! The TCS crew are all back together in the same space. We got a really nice day weather wise so took the chance to sit outside and catch up with our favourite DC superhero squad. We are back chatting about the Justice League! In this JLI Vol.5 conversation we sift through the next collected volume whilst also admiring the single issues we each have, from different parts of the world as well. We compare the printing, colouring, different editorials/collections over the decades and of course (most importantly) the smell.
It was so great to sit down and just have the band back together chatting comics again.

We really hope you enjoy, as much as we do…

That Comic Smell!

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