Sunday, November 30, 2014


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About 30 Days of Comics.

My 30th and final post!

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Friday, November 21, 2014


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About 30 Days of Comics.


I went to my first Thought Bubble Comics Festival in Leeds last weekend. It was a fun experience. I attended as an exhibitor with cartooning comrades from the Treehouse Comics anthology.

As there were a few of us in attendance, we were able to take turns manning the table. Here are Anna Rathband and Neil Scott…

Anna again, with Nina Sharp...

I particularly wanted to go see Robin McConnell do both of his Inkstuds panels. I listen to that show a lot and was excited to get to see the show live. If you haven’t listened, it’s a Canadian series of interviews with comics creators. Recently McConnell did a Kickstarter and is now taking the show on the road. Here he is with Emma Rios, Dave Taylor and Scott Snyder…

The costumes and make-up people wore were amazing. Very creative, and they added to the fun of the event. This trio came to our table. The one in the middle had black contact lenses in, and when she looked into my eyes I felt like I was being hypnotised…

There was another Treehouser in Leeds. Norrie Millar, who was officially with the Universe team. Norrie also contributes to this anthology which comes out of The University of Dundee as part of Chris Murray and Phil Vaughan’s course. Here he is non-stop drawing at their table, alongside the Cosmic crew…

One of the nice things about cons is touching base with other folk in the world of comics. I spoke with a few people I hadn’t seen for a while, and also met some in person for the first time such as Andy Oliver of Broken Frontier
Here’s Stuart McAdam catching up with Alex Tobin of Yuck n Yum:

As well as enjoying this tabling experience, I also put on my comics buying hat quite a few times over the weekend. So, here’s my haul photo:

I’ll finish with this photo of Anna, Jon Adam, Nina and Neil. It sums up the fun we had taking Treehouse to Leeds. Hopefully we’ll be getting out on the road to other events soon...