Sunday, April 30, 2023


I've been writing and drawing something and thought I'd post some images of work progress, without spoiling the story.

First pic shows what I call the writing/layout page. It features full dialogue, and very minimal, and sometimes no, artwork. This is generally the method by which I write. 

If someone else is involved, i.e. an artist, I'll type up a script for them, as this layout page would be impenetrable to someone else. 

This latest piece is indeed for an anthology, so I typed up a script for the editor to read.

Next is more detailed pencils:

Then the page was inked:

This next pic is the page after it's been scanned and tidied up in Photoshop:

Panels five and eight have text which was also added in Photoshop (obscured here to avoid spoilers):

The next step will be colouring the page digitally.

Hope this was on interest!