Monday, January 24, 2022

THAT COMIC SMELL: Intention Fails And Best Of 2021

The latest episode is online now.
From the website:

"This time around the crew are talking Intention Fails and their best of 2021.
We revisit, what has now become a tradition for TCSPod. The Intention Fails, the comics that we have bought but never got round to reading. We each picked 3 (or four in some cases) titles at the start of last year but did we manage to read them all? We then went on to choose another three (or more) to read through 2022. Have alisten to see if you’ve read them already or if you want to buy them up and read along with the folks here.
We then make our way onto the comics that lit up our 2021 and made it to our top 3, along with some honourable mentions.

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Crash Site (Nathan Cowdry)
Sea-Diver (Nathan Cowdry)
Flesh 'N' Ink (Adam Falp, Tony Esmond)
Atomic Hercules (Adam Falp, Tony Esmond)
The Dealer (Adam Falp)
Double Justice (Adam Falp)
The comics of Tribute Press and their Patreon
Bone: Complete Collection [Black & White] (Jeff Smith)
Star Jaws (Robin Barnard)
Red Room [FCBD Issue] (Ed Piskor)
Alanzo Sneak (Nate Garcia)
Hornrim 2&3 (Nate Garcia)
Crisis Zone (Simon Hanselmann)
Memories from Limón (Edo Brenes)
We Told You So: Comics as Art (Tom Spurgeon, Michael Dean)
Monsters (Barry Windsor Smith)
Mome (Fantagraphics)
Now (Fantagraphics)
Extra Good Stuff (Dennis Eichhorn)
Little Nothings (Lewis Trondheim)
Approximate Continuum Comics (Lewis Trondheim)
Contropaso (Teresa Valero)
Slaughterhouse-Five (Albert Monteys, Ryan North, Kurt Vonnegut)
Mazeworld (Alan Grant, Arthur Ranson)
Hellboy and the B.P.R.D (Various Dark Horse, Mike Mignola)
Crossover (Donny Cates, Jeff Shaw)
Blacksad (Juan Díaz Canales, Juanjo Guarnido) (I'm starting to notice that this title is coming up almost as much as Moore, Kirby and Secret Wars)
Fantastic Four (Alex Ross)
Hulk: Grand Design (Jim Rugg)
Marney The Fox (John Stokes, Scott Goodall)
Maus (Art Spiegelman)
Complete Case Files 1: Judge Dredd (2000AD)
Lobo (Alan Grant, Keith Giffen)
Middlewest (Skottie Young, Jorge Corona)
Pogo (Walt Kelly)
False Knees (Joshua Barkman)
The Most Important Comic book on Earth (Various Writers, Artists, Personalities and all in sundry)
Batman: Strange Apparitions (Steven Englehart, Terry Austin, Marshall Rogers)
Corto Maltese (Hugo Pratt)
The Cabbie (Marti)
Dal Tokyo (Gary Panter)
Jimbo: Adventures in Paradise (Gary Panter)
London's Dark (James Robinson, Paul Johnson)
Miller & Pynchon (Leopold Maurer)
Autobio Graphix (Dark Horse Anthology)
Dwellings (Jay Stevens)"

Thursday, January 06, 2022


The latest Pocket Thoughts Annual is out now!

Edited by Ryan Ewing, and featuring Craig Atkinson, Tohm Bakelas, Baby Ballou, Salem Black, Drew Campbell of Vlasinda Productions, Jason"Evil"Covelli, Paige Daniel, Kate Dunn, Dawn Felicia (Nota Bene Zine), Granny Anarchy, Gurn, JR the Pin Witch, Kali Kambouroglos, Kensiek, Jessica L, Sarah M, Kaiju Maddy, Maira/Long Arm Stapler, MJS, New Hearts New Bones, Sammy Orlowski, Amélie Paquet, and Ryan himself.

I'm in there too, with a comic called "Every Friggin' Stop". Here's a preview:

For more details, go to the Pocket Thoughts etsy shop here.

Tuesday, January 04, 2022

THAT COMIC SMELL: Reviews and Chit Chat

The latest episode is online now.
From the website:

We are going to start this New Year off with some reviews. These were done earlier in 2021 but it’s a good way to start 2022 by hearing about some comics you can now get your hands on.
There are self published works here, our friends from Avery hill, the kind folks at Europe comics and more!
So have a listen, get a pen and paper at the ready to list those titles you’re going to want to buy and if you already have some of these comics then have a listen and see if our ideas match up. Let us know what you think of them as well.
We would love for 2022 to be the year we get more listener mail and hear what you folks have to say.
This and all the usual comics chat on…
That Comic Smell!
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Most importantly though… Read More Comics!
Thanks again for listening and supporting the podcast
Assholes (Bram Algoed, Micah Stahl)
Dead & Unburied (Jocelyn Boisvert, Pascal Colpron)
The Lab (Hervé Bourhis, Lucas Varela)
Nationalist Love (Jakub Topor)
Love Love Love (Kid Toussaint, Andrés Garrido)
Batman & TMNT Adventures (Matthew K Manning, Jon Sommariva)
Firepower Vol.3: Flame War (Robert Kirkman, Chris Samnee)
The Goddamned (Jason Aaron, R.M. Guéra, Giulia Brusco)
Solid State (Jonathan Coulton, Matt Fraction, Albert Monteys)
Goya (El Torres, Fran Galán)
Sky Masters of the Space Force (Dick wood, Dave Wood, Jack Kirby, Wally Wood, Dick Ayers)
Fantastic Four: Artisan Edition (Jack Kirby)
The Keeper of the Little Folk: The Fairy Balm (Carbone & Veronique Barrau, Charline Forns)
Yojimbot (Sylvain Repos, Noiry)
Apparitions of East Anglia (Chris Spalton)
Lights, Planets, People (Molly Naylor, Lizzy Stewart)
Live Echoes (Mohammad Shirazi, Karissa Ray)
Dunce: Good Boy of the Year (Jens K Styve)
The Legend of La Marriposa: the Climb and Other Stories (James Lawrence)
Tessellation #1 (Mike Phillips, Hernán González, Javi Laparra, Julian Darius, Steven Legge)"

Monday, January 03, 2022


Kevin Bramer has written on Booze Ha Ha over at Optical Sloth.

"Maybe the David Robertsons of the world (and the Brian Caninis, Simon Hanselmanns, etc) should offer some motivational speaking for comic creators, some words of wisdom to keep them half as productive as they are."

Have a read of the whole review here.