Wednesday, October 31, 2018


More excerpts from my forthcoming comic...

Minty McAllister, Lady Journalist. Story, art: DR.

Number Three's the Charm! Story, art: DR.

Puffer Love. Story: DR, art: Pam Wye.

Seedless. Story: DR, art: Paddy Johnston.

Space Station Explosion. Story: Miles Robertson (age 9), art: DR.

Spoiler Warning. Story: DR, art: Rebecca Horner.

Break the Cake is available to pre-order at the Fred Egg Comic shop here.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Day 3...

Hourly Comic Day 2018. Story, art: DR.

Humble Beginnings. Story: DR, art: Katie Quinn.

Into the Comics Archive. Story, art: DR.

Jonathan Swift: 'I am a Fraud'. Story, art: DR.

Jurassic Menu. Story: DR, art: Mike Sedakat.

Break the Cake is available to order at the Fred Egg Comics Shop here.

More tomorrow...

Monday, October 29, 2018


More tastes of the stories featured in my forthcoming comic:

Dog Walker. Story, art: DR.

Everything in Moderation. Story: DR, art: Francesca Mancuso.

Fred Egg in 'Out to Lunch'. Story, art: DR.

Goodbye, Star Wars. Story, art: DR.

The Hourly Changeover. Story: DR, art: Olivia Hicks.

Break the Cake is available for pre-order at the Fred Egg Comics shop here.

Sunday, October 28, 2018


My new comic, "Break the Cake" is imminent!

It will officially go on sale at Dundee Zine Fair, which is to be held on Saturday, 3rd November.

Over the course of this week, I will present previews of the stories in Break the Cake, including many excellent guest artists!

Let's get started...

The Amazing Hang-Out. Story: Ethan Robertson (age 12), art: DR.

Baguette Decisions. Story: DR, art: Zu Dominiak.

Big Bubbles. Story, art: DR.

Co-Pilot. Story: DR, art: Ludi Price.

Descartes' Candle. Story: DR, art: Védís Huldudóttir.

Break the Cake is available to pre-order now at the Fred Egg Comics shop here

More previews tomorrow!

Saturday, October 27, 2018


I did a guest spot for Alan Henderson's Penned Guin comics.

Have a read of his tumblr here. Also, check out his shop here.

Friday, October 26, 2018

THAT COMIC SMELL 31: Happy 80th, Supes!

The new episode of That Comic Smell is now online. A discussion on Superman!

Have a listen at iTunes, Soundcloud and YouTube.

From the web:
"*Cue the John Williams Superman Intro Music*
Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? No! It’s that smelly podcast.
Welcome folks to That Comic Smell Podcast. Yes, this time we are talking Superman and all because this year the big boy in blue and red turned 80! Can you believe it? Doesn’t look a day over 25.
We discuss our first experiences with him, the movies and all things Supes.
This and all the usual comics chat on the only comics podcast that can leap tall buildings in a single bound and run faster than a speeding bullet!
That Comic Smell!
Here are some of the titles mentioned:
Superman Pocketbook No14
Supermobile Issue of Superman
Superman Annual 1980 (Various)
Action Comics: Millennium Edition (Various)
Superman III Adaption (Cary Bates, Sal Amendola, Ben Oda)
Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? (Alan Moore, Curt Swan, George Pérez)
Superman War of the Worlds (Roy Thomas, Michael Lark)
The Man of Steel (John Byrne, Dick Giordano)
Action Comics Annual 1987: Cry Vampire (John Byrne, Arthur Adams, Dick Giordano)
Red Son (Mark Millar, Dave Johnson, Killan Plunkett, Andrew Robinson, Walden Wong)
All-star Superman (Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, Jamie Grant)
Superman vs Muhammad Ali (Dennis O'Neil, Neal Adams, Dick Giordano, Terry Austin)
The Death of Superman (Dan Jurgens, Louise Simonson, Roger Stern, Jerry Ordway, Jon Bogdanove, Tom Grummett, Jackson Guice)
World Without Superman ( Louise Simonson, Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, Karl Kesel, Roger Stern Walter Simonson, Tom Grummett, Jon Bogdanove )
Superman: Transformed (Dan Jurgens, Louise Simonson, Ron Frenz, Ron Lim, Karl Kesel)
Superman: Peace on Earth (Paul Dini, Alex Ross)"

BELL TIME part 18

Click on image for larger view.

To read from the beginning, go here.
Scroll down to the "Bell Time Begins" post, and work your way back up.

Thursday, October 25, 2018


Here's my latest comic strip on the Tay Bridge disaster.

Please click on image for a larger view.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Cover by DR. Logo and background colour by Rebecca Horner.

I'm pleased to announce that this comic is being released on Thursday 5pm at the Dundee Comics Creative Space. It's a 36 page magazine from Universe Publications.

I started this project as the final work for my year on the MLitt Comics and Graphic Novels course at University of Dundee during 2016-2017. Following that, I discussed the comic with Chris Murray, expanding it from 24 to 36 pages.

I talked with many folk with connections to the Dundee comics scene for this project, including John Anderson, Nigel Auchterlounie, Kathryn Briggs, Gary Burley, Zu Dominiak, Mel Gibson, William Hazle, Damon Herd, Olivia Hicks, Rebecca Horner, Sydney Jordan, Ian Kennedy, Calum Laird, Catriona Laird, Ashling Larkin, Dan McDaid, Norrie Millar, Pat Mills, Montynero, Kirsten Murray, Julia Round, Neil Scott, Geoff Senior, Tom Stewart, and John Wagner.

Here's a preview of the comic:

Page 3

Page 4

Page 7

Page 8

Page 13

Page 22

Page 28

Come along to the launch event. Details here.

Monday, October 15, 2018


Cover by Letty Wilson.

This new comic was edited by Hailey Austin, inspired by her time working in the University of Dundee Archive and Museums. It's being launched this Thursday 5pm at the Dundee Comics Creative Space.

The comic features Hailey Austin, Elliot Balson, Zu Dominiak, Katriona Gillon, Matthew Gow, Eve Greenwood, Olivia Hicks, Rebecca Horner, Calum Laird, Catriona Laird, Norrie Millar, Nicole Munogee, Chris Murray, Golnar Nabizadeh, Megan Sinclair, Faye Stacey, Letty Wilson, and Adina Ziebart.

My story, "Into the Comics Archive" is included too.

Here's a wee preview:

Another comic book - one that I conceived, wrote and drew for Universe Publications - is also being launched that evening. More details on that one tomorrow.

Sunday, October 14, 2018


Caithness Horizons Gallery in Thurso is now running their Graffito exhibition.

From the museum's website: "Graffito is a celebration of drawing and mark making with street, pop, graphic and comic art and zine making."

I have some comics on display there; Silently Falling, a page from George vs Herbert, and the wraparound cover for Berserkotron.

Some photos:

The exhibition also features work from Hannah Cambridge, Marc Delaye, Zu Dominiak, Victor Nobis and Andrew Strachan. It runs from 11th September to 26th October.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Friday, October 12, 2018

THAT COMIC SMELL 30: 2 Recommendations

The new episode of That Comic Smell is now online. We present two comics recommendations each.

Have a listen at iTunes, Soundcloud and YouTube.

From the web:
"We take a little trip back in time with the power of EDITING!!
Yes, we are digging into the archives for this one, recorded back in June before HQ relocated. David, Mike and Tom get together to talk about 2 comic titles that you would recommend to people that aren’t necessarily comics readers. Surprise, Surprise, it’s a nice eclectic round up of comics hidden gems and greats!
There is also a little shout out section before we get into this episode so make sure to check it out.
This and all the usual comics chat on the only comics podcast to have caught a falling star AND put it in their pocket but didn’t save it for a rainy day…
That Comic Smell!"

Tuesday, October 09, 2018


The latest issue of Dead Singers Society (#4) is out now from Good Comics.

A wide variety of creators are featured in this volume; Tim Bird, Frank Candiloro, Dina Caruso, Che Cosgrave, Chloe Deeley, Kate Dowling, Ethan Edward, Conan Fiori-McPhee, Jason Garratley, Jaime Gonzalez, Rob Gordon, Tom Guilfoyle, Rozi Hathaway, Lara Hing, Gareth Hopkins, Rebecca Horner, Becky Howard, James Howard, Sally Jane Hurst, Derik Johnson, Paddy Johnston, Mohar Kalra, Rob Marland, Gerard Michaels, Loretta Mui, Claire O'Brien, Emily B.Owen, Miguel Peres, Yen Quach, Shawn Richison, Tainan Rocha, Toim Saible, Jon Slater, John Tucker, Alex Hoyos Twomey, Mike West, and Samuel C.Williams.

I am pleased to be included in this illustrious company. Here is a wee preview of my comic:

Dead Singers Society #4 is available here.

Saturday, October 06, 2018