Thursday, March 29, 2012



The current set of commemorative stamps from Royal Mail have images from comics. The presentation pack has the ten stamps, a miniature edition of The Dandy, and a card with information on the ten comics featured.

The text is written by Graham Kibble-White and contains sentences such as the following: “The last significant comics launch came in 1977, with the sci-fi themed 2000ad.”

Ignoring many interesting comics that have launched in the past 35 years, I assume he is terming significance as financially successful.

But then what of Viz? You may recall that not only was it a big selling comic – it was actually at one point “Britain’s 5th best selling magazine - and you’ll never buy a bigger pile of shite" as the cover stated. Viz is not included because comics for Kibble-White are kids’ stuff that they used to make. Nostalgia rules here. There was a similar flavour to his book from a few years ago. Loads of good info, but from the limited point of view that comics are all but a dead issue. Something to look back on with fondness. He’s not a writer you look to find out what interesting comics are coming out now.

That's my wee niggle. It's still a very nice set.

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