Tuesday, March 03, 2015


I think the next Spider-Man movie should include his origin again, to help people get to know the character. I think the film after that should then feature Uncle Ben again, getting shot, a new actor playing Spider-Man, a new director. A year later include the origin again with a new Spider-Man. Come on we can do this.

Alternatively, no origin recap, but recast The Lizard and Green Goblin again. Or don't use the Goblin again. Bring in a guy with a fishbowl to be Mysterio. No, no fishbowl.

Can’t wait for a CGI figure to streak through the sky and land beside Thor in Avengers 3 and then a real life actor (DOESN’T MATTER) to say 'I’m Spider-Man, Thor'. Awesome. Then The Guardians of the Galaxy will land their spaceship on top of them.

I want Hugh Jackman to appear, and whoever is playing the FF in the concurrent reboot (or recast them for this appearance). Put Nicolas Cage on a motorbike and set his head on fire again.

Can DC and Marvel merge FFS? I want all the characters to fight each other in an orgy of destruction, before entering a new dimension and fighting the Empire in Star Wars.

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