Thursday, December 21, 2017


The new episode of That Comic Smell is now online.
Have a listen at iTunes, Soundcloud and YouTube.

From the website:
"On 3rd week until Christmas, the podcast gave to me... A Brand new episode and as always it's for freeeeeee!
Yes, here at 'That Comic Smell' HQ we are still counting down to Christmas with excitement. To help us wind down to the festive period we thought we would give you some brand new episodes. This is one we did a while back on Music.
In this episode we talk about all the comics that have that musical vibe or were heavily influenced by music or are just straight up tie-ins or stories about musical folks.
We show our appreciation for Shaking Stevens, Adam Ant, Bryan Ferry and many many more.
So delve on in and give this 'note' worthy pod a listen from the only folks who can gladly say that we checked Santa's list twice over with him and most of you were on it... MOST of you. We're looking at you here... Shame.
Here are some of the titles we discuss:
The Amory Wars (Claudio Sanchez, Gabriel Guzman)
The Wicked + The Divine (Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie)
Umbrella Academy (Gerard Way, Gabriel Bá)
Show Pieces (Alan Moore, Mitch Jenkins)
Lobo (Keith Giffen, Alan Grant, Simon Bisley)
The Hip-Hop Family Tree (Ed Piskor)
Bastard Bunny (Dave Anderson)
The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstien Story (Vivek Tiwary, Andrew Robinson, Kyle Baker)
Johnny Cash: I See a Darkness (Reinhard Kleist)
Nick Cave: Mercy on Me (Reinhard Kleist)
Castro (Reinhard Kleist)
Robo Hunter (John Wagner, Ian Gibson)
GodSpeed: Graphic Kurt Cobain Story (Barnaby Legg, Jim McCarthy, Flameboy... oh dear)
Scott Pilgrim (Bryan Lee O'Malley)
Break The Chain (Kyle Baker)
Public Enemy (Chuck D, Adam Wallenta)
Tops 1982: Adam Ant
Sex Pistols: Graphic Biography (Jim McCarthy, Steve Parkhouse)
Human Torch & The Thing meet The Beatles (Bob Powell, Stan Lee, Chris Stone)
Josey and the Pussycats
Archies Meets...[Various artists]
R.Crumb Heroes of Blues, Jazz & Country
Mr Miracle (Jack Kirby)
Killing and Dying (Adrian Tomine)
Fax from Sarajevo (Joe Kubert)"

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