Friday, September 14, 2018

THAT COMIC SMELL 28: The Seeds (Ann Nocenti & David Aja)

The new episode of That Comic Smell is now online. We discuss Ann Nocenti, David Aja, and their new comic The Seeds.

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From the web:
“They buried us but they didn’t know we were SEEDS”
The exact statement that is on the back of the book for this incredible book and the folks here take a deep dive into what makes it a great first issue.
Welcome to That Comic Smell Podcast. David, Nando, Giuseppe, Mike and Tom get into “The Seeds” by Ann Nocenti and David Aja. They also explore briefly what creations are behind this team and how they came to be on a comics on the great Karen Berger’s line at Dark horse “Berger Books”
We also get a look into how extensive Nando’s research head can go when faced with something he loves.
This and all the usual comics chat on the only comics podcast to have actually been grown in a garden…
That Comic Smell!"

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