Monday, January 11, 2021


The latest edition of Pocket Thoughts Annual is out now!

Featuring Alex from Punks Around, Salem Black, Bloomurder, Brendon Bracewell, Nanette Cloud, Ryan Ewing from Pocket Thoughts, Jillian Fleck, Isa Flo from Yucky Zines, Annie Flores, Dolly Gosh Art, Gurn, Chloe Henderson, Joe and Holly from Caw and Paw, Kali Kambouroglos, Kensiek, Richard Larios from Feral Publication, Jessica Maybury, Solansh Moya from Weirdo Brigade, Nyx from Sea Green Zines, Ominousbird, Amélie Paquet, Aqeel Parvez, Allie Rae from Warglitter Zines, Crash Reynolds, Sheinicorn, Sheri Roloff, and Vlasinda Productions.

I'm in there too, with a comic called "My Political Insight". Here's a preview:

For more details, go here.

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