Saturday, February 06, 2021

THAT COMIC SMELL: End Of An Era Chat with Dr Olivia Hicks (Sarararara Ending Special)

The new episode is online now. A chat with Olivia Hicks after the recent conclusion of Sarararara. 

From the website: 

“You can never have enough spunk!” 
It’s all coming to an end. Well… The incredible web comic Sarararara is at least. We caught up with our pal (and recent Doctor) Olivia Hicks about wrapping up Sarararara, what it feels like, taking a closer look at some of the pages, themes, how it was produced and the future of, hopefully, a physical collection. It was so good getting a chance to catch up and make sure everything was ok. We had such a great laugh and we even discussed more of Olivia’s recent comics work along with her new job as ‘Junior Graphic Novel Editor’ for ‘Rebellion’ What can we say, Olivia works F***ing hard. 

Just to note that this was recorded just before Christmas 2020 so Olivia can now be found at @droliviahicks on twitter and Sarararara has now come to an end. So if you haven’t read it yet then go check it out! Google Sarararara. This and all the usual waffle on… That Comic Smell Podcast 

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